VAMPIRE___Visual Active Memory Processes and Interactive REtrieval
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IST Event 2004

Oct 15-17, 2004, The Hague, NL

The IST Event 2004 is the showcase of the achievements of European research in the area of Information, Society, Technology. It took place October 15 to 17. More than 3,000 people participated at this event. It consisted of three parts: 33 conference sessions, over 70 networking sessions, and more than 150 exhibitions. The exhibition was open to the general public. It covered four different areas work, care, Ambient Intelligence (AmI), and fun. Research in the area of Cognitive Vision was represented by the ECVision stand and both VAMPIRE stands that were placed in the AmI area.

VAMPIRE-demo (mobile AR)

TU Graz presented a hybrid tracking system for localization and user interaction. The user wears the AR gear and is able to select objects by a stereo enabled 3-d cursor. The system is fully mobile. The computing hardware and batteries are carried on a backpack.


VAMPIRE-demo (mobile AR)

VAMPIRE-CASA-demo (Context Aware Scene Augmentation)

Bielefeld U focused on the presentation of a system for context aware scene augmentation. Human interaction is coupled with object recognition using a general active memory architecture for system integration. The user wears the AR gear and is sitting in front of a table. Based on object recognition results and a qualitative head-pose classification using the inertial sensor, the system infers the context and user intention. An object is augmented if it is focused in the table context. The distributed system ran on 4 different laptops.

IST Conference: Networking session on 'A Vision of Cognition:
Cognitive Vision in Europe

Organisation: Patrick Courtney, Industrial Liaison, ECVision

The networking session summarized a couple of EC funded activities in the area of Cognitive Vision.

Technical Program

  • Patrick Courtney: Introduction to Cognitive Vision
  • Sven Wachsmuth (Bielefeld U): VAMPIRE: Example of Progress in Cognitive Vision Systems
  • John Gilby (SIRA, UK): Roadmapping Cognitive Vision
  • Patrick Courtney: Potential Applications in Cognitive Vision
  • Massimo Busuoli (ENEA, Italy): Techonolical Take-up Mechanisms in Vision
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