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VAMPIRE is a research project on cognitive computer vision which is funded by the European Union (IST-2001-34401, May 2002- July 2005). It investigates artifical intelligent systems that are able to understand what they see based on what they have previously memorised. In this sense, the research focuses on Visual Active Memory Processes. Another important goal is to develop advanced techniques for Interactive REtrieval and interactive learning. Therefore, a wearable augmented reality system is realised that provides the user with cognitive assistance functions while she or he is normally acting in a room. In short, the aim of VAMPIRE is to proceed towards memory prosthetic devices or some kind of memory spectacles.

This CD presents an overview of the research and activities related to the VAMPIRE project. The VAMPIRE consortium develops innovative technologies for two different application scenarios:

  • Mobile Augmented Reality : A user is assisted in office or kitchen tasks, e.g. searching for objects, executing a step by step recipe, etc.
  • Automatic Video Annotation: Tennis videos are annotated by points, games, sets and matches, so that the videos can be accessed based on semantic content.
For a comprehensive overview, please click on the slide show that leads you through the main aspects of the project.

Research topics range from tracking, localisation, object and action recognition, contextual analysis and human-machine interaction to system integration and evaluation. On these pages you will find a more detailed introduction to each topic and a collection of paper abstracts that document the work conducted in the VAMPIRE project.

Additionally, we report about larger events and media reports of the project where demonstration systems have been presented.

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